Fully Automated Click Through Rate Optimization Service

Increase Click Through Rates for your Google Ads with out automated Ad testing tool. Data-driven, simple, and automated. In just a few minutes each week, you can improve your Click Through and Conversion Rates by 30%. Start your free 30 day AdOptics trial

Works seamlessly with the ad management tools you already use:

Increase ad performance with simple point and click ad testing.

AdOptics compares ad performance based on your conversion and click-through rate data. Push ad improvements live to Google Ads in one click.

Automate time-consuming ad testing analysis.

Forget the tedious process of a hundred clicks and spreadsheet tracking needed to test your ad variations. AdOptics automatically suggests ad tests and evaluates winning vs losing ads managed using simple point and click tasks in our dashboard. Start improving your ads today!

All Ad Accounts in Once Place

Seamlessly move from one Ad account to another. Optimize ad performance for multiple accounts in just a few minutes.

Your Most Important Tasks

Filter by task type and see our task priority ratings so you work on the most impactful tasks first.

Simple Task Based Management

AdOptics guides you through the entire testing process using simple click-to-run tasks to create and review ad tests.

Build From Your Best Ads

Our ad writing interface allows you to use your best performing ads as a starting point for your new ad creative.

Quick Task List Overview

Get an at a glance view of all of your accounts to see how many automated tasks have been created for your review.

Manage Ad Accounts Easily

Turn on or off the AdOptics ad testing tool for any of your ad accounts with a single click from your Ad account manager.

Get started with AdOptics in three simple steps.

1 Create an AdOptics Account

Select a plan and create an account using our sign-up flow. All we need is your name, email address, and a secure password.

Create Account
2 Connect to Google Ads

When you've finished creating your account. You'll be asked to connect your Google Ads account by signing in with Google.

Connect your Google Ads account to AdOptics by clicking the button below and signing in with Google.

Connect Google Ads
3 Start Running Tasks

Right from the start we provide you with A/B testing experiments to get you started. Just review and click to run to start!

Welcome to AdOptics!

Click Continue to AdOptics to head to your connected accounts and start making improvements.

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Automate Google Ads ad testing.
Save time and make more conversions.

This service should have existed a long time ago. A dedicated ad testing platform without the unnecessary clutter found in most ad management services.

Mayur K.

I'm non-technical, but AdOptics let's me A/B test ad creatives like a true data nerd.

John D.

Making A/B testing fun?!

Shannon S.

Getting help with my ad writing has been awesome. Their team is always responsive and give perfect suggestions for writing better ads.

Hardik P.