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A complete Google Ads testing toolkit.

AdOptics deploys and monitors ad A/B tests continuously, using statistical analysis to compare your ad creatives. When a statistically significant improvement is found, a simple click to run task is pushed your AdOptics dashboard. The service automatically creates ad tests, determines losing ads, and suggests new ad creative copy.

i See how AdOptics helps to automate ad A/B testing.

Optimize ad performance with data- driven analysis.

AdOptics compares performance based on your conversion and click-through rate data. Push ad improvements live to Adwords in one click.

  • 30+ Improvements Types
  • Test Ad Creatives
  • Manage Keyword Bids
  • Optimize App Schedules

Monitor and compare ad performance accurately. Using data-driven tasks.

View ad comparison performance metrics in one location. Get additional analysis such as Conversions Per Thousand Impressions, a key indicator of ad performance.

  • Monitor Ad Performance
  • Push New Versions to Test
  • Pause Under-performing Ads
  • Full Ad Testing History Logs

Evolve Your Ads. Build on Your Previous Ad Experiments.

New ad experiment tests are built using your best performing ad elements enabling you to continuously improve ad click-through rate and conversions over time.

  • One Click Ad Test Publishing
  • Pre-Populate Ad Elements
  • View Competitor Ads
  • Incrementally Improve Ad Performance

Automate time-consuming ad testing analysis.

Forget the tedious process of a hundred clicks and spreadsheet tracking needed to test your ad variations. AdOptics automatically suggests ad tests and evaluates winning vs losing ads managed using simple point and click tasks in our dashboard. Start improving your ads today!

Test Ad Creatives

Builder higher performing ads using smart statistical analysis based on Click Through Rate and Conversions.

Pause Low Performing Ads

Reduce wasted budget, increase spend on high performing ads instead. Improve overall account performance.

Empower Your Team

Anyone can run hundreds of A/B ad experiments using our click to run interface. No data background needed.

Task Priority Sorting

Spend your time working on the ads that will give you the highest return with our automated priority task sorting.

Manage Multiple Accounts

View your daily task list across all accounts you manage in the Account Center. Jump to any account any time easily.

Manage Team Members

Ad your team to any account you manage or easily ad them to all accounts. Provided access only as needed.

Get started with AdOptics in three simple steps.

  • 1
    Create an AdOptics Account

    Select a plan and create an account using our sign-up flow. All we need is your name, email address, and a secure password.

  • 2
    Connect to Google Ads

    When you've finished creating your account. You'll be asked to connect your Google Ads account by signing in with Google.

  • 3
    Start Running Tasks

    Right from the start we provide you with A/B testing experiments to get you started. Just review and click to run to start!

Automate Google Ads ad testing.
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About AdOptics

Headquartered in Philadelphia, we've been using Google Ads (AdWords) for our own agencies and businesses for years. This A/B testing tool was created because we needed it. We are now providing it to marketing agencies and brands.

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